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At Agape Church, we aspire to serve the total man by having ministries that serve the body of Christ and the community, and encouraging growth in the individuals participating.


Below you will find descriptions of some of the Ministries here at Agape. There are many more active auxiliaries, so please feel free to inquire about any that you have an interest in. We encourage you to get involved... "without involvement, there is no true commitment.

3 Fold Cord Marriage Ministry

We strive to bring God the glory by equipping families with tools for renewing their Biblical understanding and enhancing their life that they may share the love of God abroad. This is enhanced by the many family centered activities planned each year from Marriage Retreats to Bowling, you can be sure that your needs will be met. Experience life-change ministry at the Annual Marriage Retreat.

IMPULSE Youth Ministry

We strive to reach children with the good news about Jesus through a variety of teaching tools and exciting activities. The purpose is to:

  1. Develop and support children, in being all that God has called them to be.

  2. Develop their spiritual awareness, purpose and love for one another through biblical teachings, prayer and mentoring.

  3. Channel their fire in the right direction that they may learn and establish a true relationship with God.


Children are integrated through involvement in drama, praise and worship and education. There are several teams at Agape in place to accomplish these goals.

Iron Man Brotherhood

Department strives to encourage spiritual growth through the following: 

  1. Equipping each man to become the priest that God has called him to be.

  2. Instruct and direct our young men in becoming mighty men of valor

  3. Leading by example and follow in submission to God and leadership

  4. Under-girding our leaders and ministry with prayer, giving, and service

Women of Purpose, Power & Prayer

We meet monthly with programs designed to encourage growth in every area of women's lives and their application of God's Word.

S3 (Singles, Saved & Serving) Singles Ministry

We recognize that we are complete in Jesus Christ. We can serve wholeheartedly, free from the distractions or divided interests of the world. Through the power and might of the Holy Spirit, we effectively provoke one another to love and good works.

Sunday Morning Institute

Our Sunday School Institute is designed to meet your spiritual needs by supplying you with knowledge from the word of God. Sunday School is a great learning tool that will enhance your spiritual growth and equip you with powerful information to overcome the challenges that you may face in everyday situations. Our Sunday School Institute welcomes all ages to come and be a part of this experience:


The General class is for individuals that are of the ages 20 and above.


The Senior High Class is for individuals of the age 15 to 19.


The Junior High Class is for youth ages 9-14.


The Primary Class is for students age 3-8. This class targets children at a young age with biblical teaching and applicable understanding of the word of God.

Youth Ministry
Singles Ministry
Marriage Ministry
Men's Ministry
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