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July 4, 1993, was the birthing of a ministry that would produce a powerful, life-changing experience for people from every walk of life whether churched or un-churched.  The first service was held at Shoney’s Inn on Garners Ferry Road.  Without publication or announcement, God sent twenty-two souls to witness this delivery. Shortly thereafter we were able to move into a building at 209 South Prospect Street off of Rosewood Drive.


While at 209 Prospect Street, Agape experienced membership growth resulting in many ministries being added. Vehicles were purchased to transport members and office and sound equipment was purchased to accommodate the demands of the congregation.


The ministry engaged itself in many outreach endeavors by reaching out to the clients from the Salvation Army and initiating our street impact, hospital, and prison ministries. During this period, Agape Church opened its substance abuse and recovery house, “The Agape House”, where we served over 100 men and women who became recipients of God’s miraculous deliverance and power.


In 1997, having outgrown the 209 S. Prospect St facility, Pastor McNair received a vision, in a dream concerning the Old Carver Theatre at 1519 Harden Street.  After sharing with the members the potential of the facility, the church rolled up its sleeves and went to work renovating after acquiring the property. After six months of renovation, we began holding services at the theatre in the spring of 1998.


Over our tenure at 1519 Harden Street, Agape continued to experience growth and rapidly expanded its ministry to reach those whom God entrusted to us. As a result, hundreds of souls were saved through the birthing of ministries such as DJJ ministry, College and Single ministry, True Love waits ministry, After School and Tutoring Program, Vacation Bible School, Summer Enrichment, Soup Kitchen, Young Men of Valor and Young Excelling Sisters, and various other ministries that minister to the people of God. In addition, we were able to initiate our Computer Lab Ministry, launch our website, purchase a school bus, as well as purchase our very own coach bus. Today there are over 55 ministries in operation, To God be the glory.


Today, Agape Church owns and occupies the facilities located here at 201 Plumbers Road in Columbia, SC. The accommodations here provide office space, a worship facility and a ministry complex which are all being used to further the gospel and minister to God’s people.  We believe that the best is yet to come and that our latter shall be greater than our past.  We are in constant expectation, believing God that our playground, gymnasium, television ministry, credit union, cab ministry, senior citizens ministry, daycare, and Christian schools will be manifested. We are on our way to our next wealthy place.


In 2003, Agape Church came into covenant fellowship with Drs. I.V. and Bridget Hilliard who are the founders of New Light Ministries in Houston, Texas.  Our covenant relationship with the Hilliard’s broadened our horizons.  We were motivated and encouraged to believe that all things were possible to those who exercised their faith.


Over the course of our ministry, there have been many testimonies of healings, restored marriages, families being brought together, and financial prosperity which provides validation that Agape Church is a God-ordained ministry that continues to propel the spiritual growth of God’s children as they grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The best is yet to come.

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